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2017 Top 10 Topcoder Open Moments!

In no particular order, check out my top 10 TCO moments from 2017. A few of my favorites! So much fun…

TCO18 Stage 1 Finalists

Congratulations to our TCO 18 Stage 1 Finalists!

Problem Writers Wanted – Trips to TCO Up For Grabs!

The TCO18 Algorithm Competition may not start for a few more months, but we’ve got a new opportunity for all of…

TCO17 Award Ceremony: The Final Day

The last day of TCO17 was on Tuesday, October 24th. In the morning, we had the Design Final 2 Competition which…

Five Hours To Become A Front-end Champion – UI Prototype Finals

Five hours is what it takes to my stupid phone battery to discharge, five hours is what it takes me to…

TCO17: Analysis of Algorithm Semifinals, Pt. 2

Today it turned out that I am not the only Topcoder marathoner who is also a runner. It is tomerun who…

The TCO17 Champion Who Almost Wasn’t!

When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen! Monday (23rd October, 2017) would have been just like…

TCO17: Analysis of Algorithm Semifinals, Pt. 1

In my previous posts I have barely covered the Algorithm part of the competition, but I have an excuse. The thing…

TCO17 Day 2: Recap and UI Design Final 1

The second day of TCO17 was very diverse. We had competitions for all tracks. We started the day with the first…

TCO17 Day 1: UI Design Semi Finals

The competition has finally kicked off! Monday brought us two Design Semifinals, the Marathon Match Final, and the Algorithm Competition Semi…


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