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TCO18 Algorithm Byes Announced!

We are excited to announce the 2018 Topcoder Open Algorithm Competition Byes! These members won an automatic berth into round 2…

TCO18 Stage 2 Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our Stage 2 TCO18 finalists! We’re excited to have a number of newbies on our list and can’t wait…

TCO18 Marathon & Algorithm Competitions Announced

We are excited to announce all the Marathon and Algorithm Competitions details for the 2018 Topcoder Open! You can find everything…

2017 Top 10 Topcoder Open Moments!

In no particular order, check out my top 10 TCO moments from 2017. A few of my favorites! So much fun…

TCO18 Stage 1 Finalists

Congratulations to our TCO 18 Stage 1 Finalists!

Problem Writers Wanted – Trips to TCO Up For Grabs!

The TCO18 Algorithm Competition may not start for a few more months, but we’ve got a new opportunity for all of…

TCO17 Award Ceremony: The Final Day

The last day of TCO17 was on Tuesday, October 24th. In the morning, we had the Design Final 2 Competition which…

Five Hours To Become A Front-end Champion – UI Prototype Finals

Five hours is what it takes to my stupid phone battery to discharge, five hours is what it takes me to…

TCO17: Analysis of Algorithm Semifinals, Pt. 2

Today it turned out that I am not the only Topcoder marathoner who is also a runner. It is tomerun who…

The TCO17 Champion Who Almost Wasn’t!

When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen! Monday (23rd October, 2017) would have been just like…


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