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How has Topcoder changed your life?

For sure TC changed my life; before joining the platform I wasted my nights just sleeping …

Do you have a favorite Topcoder customer or project? If so, which customer or project?

I don't have a favorite project. However I loved the OPM project, even though I didn't win anything. I was a rookie on TC and I learned a lot from senior members.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you within the Topcoder community?

During one of my first contest, after a night of work and ready to submit, I noticed that my TCUML was corrupted. I wrote on the forum to say that I would quit the challenge, but my opponent told me that TCUML tool makes backup (I didn't know yet) and it saved my life. I appreciated very much his fairplay and that time I understood the real spirit of this great community.

Tell us about an achievement that you are most proud of.

No doubt that my most important achievement is being selected for this TCO !

Best music album to code to?

Made in Japan by Deep Purple

Who is your favorite copilot and why (and you can't pick yourself!)?

I have more than one: wendell, taleforce and callmekatootie.

How did you get into programming?

I started programming late at university, I was 18 and my first application was developed with Fortran 77

Which IDE do you use and why?

I use Eclipse and Spring Tool Suite because they cover all my needs.

What books do you recommend?

I loved "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" that I consider a real "bible" for architects and developers.

Tabs or spaces?

Definitely tabs !

We asked the Finalists to use emojis in response to the following questions.

How do you feel about the TCO17 Finals?


How do you feel when you win a Topcoder challenge?


What is your spirit animal?


What's the weather like at your house right now?


What are your hobbies?



Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC)
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Meituan Dianping

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