2017 Topcoder Open Champions!

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TCO17 Algorithm Champion


TCO17 Development Champion


TCO17 First2Finish Champion


TCO17 Marathon Champion


TCO17 UI Design Champion


TCO17 UI Prototype Champion

The Finalists!


Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC)
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Meituan Dianping

Competition Tracks

Algorithm Competition

A timed contest where all contestants compete online and are given the same problems to solve under the same time constraints.

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Development Competition

The Development Competition includes the following tracks: Code, Assembly, and Architecture.

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First2Finish Competition

The F2F Competition asks competitors to perform small fixes to challenge results or to actually fix bugs.

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Marathon Competition

Marathon Competition offers a longer timeline, and an opportunity for competitors to iterate and improve their solutions against open-ended problems that have no single right answer.

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UI Design Competition

The UI Design competition will focus on design concepts, mobile, web and application design. You can compete in any of UI design challenges to earn points towards qualifying for the UI Design Championship.

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UI Prototype Competition

The UI Prototype Competition focuses on HTML/CSS & JavaScript user interface challenges. Use your rapid prototyping, knowledge of responsive frameworks, JavaScript and HTML skill to compete in the UI Prototype track and earn points towards qualifying for the UI Prototype Championship.

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